Seo agency in Dubai : increase your traffic

Passionate by  search engines, Seo-Strive is a Seo agency in Dubai that creates and optimizes websites by using our seo techniques knowledge. Our services are tailor made for your company. Our purpose is to bring organic traffic and carry you to the top on any search engine. 

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One Step Ahead

Why use our Seo agency in Dubai ?

By using Seo techniques, you will be able to obtain qualified website traffic. But how does it work ?

With Seo-Strive and it’s seo agency located in Dubai, you won’t have to choose between marketing and seo, we offer you both. Indeed, Whilst some companies forget the power copywriting holds in a search engine, others forget that the copywriting needs to be qualified to respond to  specific searches. With a local seo strategy, clients in your area will find you prior to any other company. But we don’t stop there, we want you to be number one in every location and for that we have a multitude of services

Seo agency

Why should you optimize your seo ?

When looking for a digital marketing company to take care of your business but especially your brand, you need to take a couple of things into consideration by asking yourself one question.

Will this help my organic ranking on search engines ? But how would you know ? What does Google take into consideration when crawling your websites ? How keep your business profile and your brand intact ?


Before starting writting contents, the company chosen should always analyzes your websites and your competitors websites. Do you know your competitors ? Makes a list of any of them popping in your mind and review it with the project manager. How will that help ? Knowing your competition can help you measure the improvement you need. On what keywords are they ranking ? Is it optimized ? what is the lenght of their content. Did they work on their on page, off page and technical seo ? This will help you know what keywords you should put more efforts into. And for they keywords ressearch then ? After analyzing your competition we will come back to you with a list of keywords waiting for your approval.

Step 1

Seo agency should keywords search


So what is link building ?
Our seo agency helps you understand !

You arrive here and you still don’t know what is link building and how it helps your brand ? 

First we have to agree on the reality that Google takes into account the number of websites referring to yours. Once this principle accepted, you will realise why link building could damage your brand and how it helps if well implemented.

So we aknowledged that link building is websites referring yours. But the kind of websites matters. What do we mean by that ? Well if you have a car rental company you don’t want a website that specialize in travels to reffer to yours.

But why ? Whilst Google check your inbound links, it also evaluate the domain of authority, that link won’t help you grow that domain authority.

In this time and age when everey customers don’t just look at the quality but also the proximity of your services, having a Google MyBusiness is mandatory ! Ans the same way your website could be optimize, seo-strive can optimize your GMB. You don’t have one ? All you have to do is book a meeting for us to  create it  free of charges.

What if you do have one but it doesn’t attract new prospects ? The same way we help you optimize your websites, we also help you optimize your GMB. Keywords, semantics, services, posts, products… Everything is taking care of, all you have to do is watch your business grow !

ok so what should I do next ?

build your Google MyBusiness with our seo agency

A few steps to success

How long before seeing the results ?

Your search of a Seo agency in Dubai is over, choose Communication – Respect – Loyalty

choose Seo-Strive !


website audit

We analyze your website free of charges.


Strategy development

Once our agents perceive what obstructs your growth, a stratey will be established.


content optimization
  • Keywords ressearch
  • On-page Seo
  • Off-page Seo
  • Netlinking
  • Backlinking
  • Urls optimization


content integration

The project manager will go over our work with you. Once approved, our team will start the integration.


Our Seo Agency Team :

To offer the best to our clients, the cases will be followed by our team of expert.

Project manager

First point of contact, the project manager will be the one interacting with the clients. He will oversee the project and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Seo specialists

 Our Seo specialists have each different assignments. From auditing your website to create a long tail keyword strategy to content writing. Nothing is left to chance

Web designer

The last key of a good strategy is to make sure that your website is standard to the search engine norms ! Our web designer will create and design the layout of your website or web pages. If you already have an existing website, he will analyze it and with your approval, make the necessary changes.